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Sera™ hearing screener

Newborn hearing screening made for early intervention

Early intervention in newborns with hearing loss is vital to ensure normal development of the child’s speech, language and social competencies. With a powerful combination of the automated auditory brainstem response (ABRIS), distortion product OAE (DPOAE), and transient evoked OAE (TEOAE) hearing tests, Sera™ offers early detection of hearing loss, making it the perfect choice for any newborn hearing screening program. The intuitive workflow and the large touchscreen make Sera™ fast and easy to operate.

Automated ABR

The Sera™ automated auditory brainstem response (automated ABR) hearing test provides a reliable and easy-to-interpret pass or refer result – important in any newborn hearing screening program. The solution builds on extensive clinical research and our many years of experience in ABR testing. The protocol provides a reliable result with an algorithmic sensitivity of 99.96%.

The automated ABR algorithm uses weighted averaging technology to combat against noise in the hearing test environment. Using the EarCups™ with Sera™ also helps to reduce noise in challenging hearing testing conditions.

  • Automated ABR screening in less than 30 seconds1
  • You can test both ears at the same time (binaural testing)
  • Unique CE-Chirp® stimulus

DPOAE and TEOAE screening in seconds

The Sera™ includes a fast and reliable DPOAE screening test for use in newborn hearing screening. We have derived the DPOAE screening algorithm from the many years of knowledge and experience gained with our Titan Clinical DPOAE. It uses Bayesian weighted averaging to reduce test times and a DP reliability calculation to ensure accurate response detection every time!

Developed by a group of dedicated engineers, the Sera™ TEOAE and DPOAE screening algorithms bring your testing to the next level. The optimized in ear detection together with a good fitting probe enables the collection of quick and reliable OAE results. Combining the sleek, light-weight probe design with algorithm improvements and special on-screen user guidance, means the challenge of a proper probe seal is a thing of the past.

  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • Noise monitoring during test
  • Sophisticated response detection algorithm


CE-Chirp® 200 Hz – 11 kHz
Level: 35 dB nHL
Analysis time: 3 minutes


2000 to 5000 Hz
Level: L1 = 65 dB SPL, L2 = 55 dB SPL
Analysis time: 60 seconds


1500 to 4000 Hz
Level: 83 dB peSPL, peak to peak calibrated, AGC controlled
Analysis time: 60 seconds


A small and lightweight probe for the tiniest of ear canals

Newborn hearing screening requires complex and sensitive technology to be able to record the electrophysiological and physiological responses (ABR and OAE). At the same time, newborns have very small ear canals, which means the probe must be quite small and lightweight to fit properly. In addition, newborns often have earwax and fetal fat in their ear canal, which can impede the sensitive equipment.

SnapPROBE™ is a small and lightweight probe with a smooth surface. The smooth surface means it is easy to keep clean, accommodating for the hygienic demands in clinical practice.

SnapPROBE™ comes with two designated ear tips of a conical or narrow shape, which are longer compared to other models. They are designed to catch earwax and other foreign bodies that could harm the probe electronics.

Combined with its designated ear tips, SnapPROBE™ increases stimulus stability and reduces noise during measurements.

Automated ABR and DPOAE and TEOAE screening

A powerful combination of screening protocols

It has never been easier

The Sera™ menu and interface are quick and easy to use. All main assessment functions are accessible from the touch-enabled ‘home’ screen.

You are ready to begin testing after just three button presses and it has never been easier or faster to enter new patient information. The device displays the transducers and electrode locations for all hearing test types once you have chosen or entered your patient. This ensures consistent and accurate preparation of your patient – every time.

Newborn hearing screening

Early identification of hearing loss is vital to ensure normal development of a child’s speech, language and social competencies. With a powerful combination of ABRIS1, DPOAE and TEOAE, SeraTM offers the opportunity to easily and quickly detect a potential hearing loss in newborns, making it the perfect choice for any hearing screening program.

  • The ABRIS module offers automated ABR testing

Results in no time

Following the simple on-screen instructions, you can complete your automated ABR screening in less than 30 seconds. You can also complete OAE screening in a few seconds.

Designed for use

Sera™ fits comfortably into your hand and with its bumper case and touch-enabled overlay screen, it is well protected from knocks and bumps during every day use.


Sera™ comes with a wireless charging cradle ensuring that it is always ready for testing when you are. Test data can be printed wirelessly using the HM-E200 printer. The printer features an OLED display to help navigate the menu and has a long battery life up to 14 hours in standby mode.

Sera™ made mobile

The Sera™ Transport Cart offers great mobility and ease of use. It stores the equipment in an organized way and lowers the risk of contamination by keeping the equipment away from the patient.


  • Five wheels for great mobility
  • Handle that makes it easy to maneuver
  • Retainers for equipment and accessories
  • Integrated storage bin for waste
  • Storing bracket for Sera™

Easy screening of newborns

Jessica A. Ramos, MSc Audiology, demonstrates how easy and fast you can do an OAE screening of a newborn baby using the Sera™ device.