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Tympanometry for Children Has Never Been so Exciting

Our new touchTymp RaceCar makes immittance testing easy and fast by focusing the child’s attention on an exciting animated car race for the duration of the tympanometry or reflex screening procedure. The colorful animation engages the child, reducing the likelihood of breaking the seal between probe tip and ear and having to retest. This saves you time and effort, while also making the screening procedure more enjoyable for your little patient! In addition to the car race animation, the touchTymp RaceCar is available with all the protocols of touchTymp MI 24, touchTymp MI 26, touchTymp MI 34 or touchTymp MI 36.

Features at a glance:

  • Easy, fun middle ear testing for children
  • Focused, engaged patient means less retesting
  • Provides test results within seconds
  • Full touch-based interface for intuitive handling
  • Customizable to suit individual needs
  • Built-in printer or data transfer to PC


Once you have inserted the probe properly, the measurement starts automatically and the race begins!


While the test is running and the car is driving, you can see the test data displayed at the bottom of the screen.


If the test fails because the probe has been dislodged, the car breaks down and the race has to be restarted.


As soon as the measurement is completed, the car reaches the finish line and the patient has won the race!

Device Information

touchTymp RaceCar is available with the different protocols of:

  • touchTymp MI 24
  • touchTymp MI 26
  • touchTymp MI 34
  • touchTymp MI 36

Please see the data sheets for these devices for detailed information on the technical specifications or download the brochure for our touchTymp line. A comprehensive overview of the protocols and functions available for our touchTymp RaceCar is also included in the data sheet:

Video: Take a closer look at our TouchTymp with RaceCar Animation!

You want to see the colorful animation that will captivate your young patients, in action? Or need a closer look on how your hearing test data and options as audiologists look? Click on our short video clip (0:32) to discover more!