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Portable and cost-effective clinical AEP & OAE solution

USBLite is the budget friendly portable screening and diagnostic ABR, ASSR, and OAE system

Over 37 years of engineering design experience, combined with unsurpassed expertise in evoked responses, have culminated in the next generation bio-amplifier to bring you superior data quality for evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions in a portable package.

USB powered one-channel system for ABR, ASSR, and OAE

Cleaner, high definition, robust responses with increased signal to noise ratios

Low residual noise for reduced test times without compromising data quality

Lightweight, at less than 2 lbs and can be used with a PC or tablet

Unsurpassed portability and versatility in a cost effective package

Ready for the Clinic

The USBLite is available as a one-channel ABR/ASSR device, a standalone OAE device, or a one-channel ABR/ASSR and OAE device. It is PC- battery operated, allowing for testing even when there is no access to an outlet and reducing electrical interference. The USBLite can be used for screening and diagnostic testing using ABR, ASSR, DPOAE, and TEOAE.


  • Automated ABR (AABR)
  • Automated DPOAE
  • Automated TEOAE

SmartEP Modules

  • Click ABR
  • Toneburst ABR
  • iChirp ABR
  • ASSR

Standard OAE Modules:

  • SOAE

Hearing Screening

SmartScreener-Plus2 is a fast, reliable, and accurate automated ABR and OAE screener. The USBLite can be configured on the ScreenerCart.

Distortion Product OAE

SmartDPOAEfeatures an in-ear calibration for increased accuracy, and can acquire an easy to interpret DP-Gram with up to 41 frequency points.

Transient Evoked OAE

SmartTrOAE, a screening and diagnostic TEOAE module provides frequency-specific information including Time-Frequency analysis.

Auditory Evoked Potentials

SmartEP on the USBLite allows for the acquisition of air and bone conduction ABR using clicks, tones, and iChirps.


SmartEP-ASSR is a full-featured screening and diagnostic auditory steady state response system that provides quick and accurate threshold detection.

Available on the ScreenerCart