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Duet is a sleek, portable, and versatile clinical EP with optional OAE system.

Over 37 years of engineering design experience, combined with unsurpassed expertise in evoked responses, have culminated in the next generation bio-amplifier to bring you superior data quality for evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions.

The ideal clinical solution for AEP and OAE

Cleaner, high definition, robust responses with increased signal to noise ratios

Low residual noise for reduced test times without compromising data quality

Ultra-lightweight, at less than 2 lbs, and can be used with a PC or Windows tablet

Unsurpassed portability with built-in isolation and shielding

Ready for the Clinic

The Duet is available in two packages: two-channel auditory evoked potential device or a two-channel auditory evoked potential and otoacoustic emissions device. Choose from a variety of add-on modules for the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. Upgrade anytime with minimal or no down time.

Standard EP Modules

  • ECochG
  • ABR (click, tone burst, iChirp)
  • MLR

Optional Add-on Modules:

  • P300/MMN
  • eABR
  • Chained-Stimuli ABR
  • cVEMP, oVEMP
  • ASSR
  • Automated ABR screening

Standard OAE Modules:

  • SOAE

Auditory Evoked Potentials

SmartEPis a feature-rich auditory evoked potential system with a user-friendly interface. Its innovative and streamlined features make SmartEP the ideal clinical tool for recording ECochG, ABR, and more.


SmartEP-ASSR is a full-featured screening and diagnostic auditory steady state response system that provides quick and accurate threshold detection.


SmartVEMPis an innovative solution for recording cVEMP and oVEMP in patients of all ages. SmartVEMP features integrated EMG monitoring with patient friendly feedback options.

Distortion Product OAE

SmartDPOAEfeatures an in-ear calibration for increased accuracy, and can acquire an easy to interpret DP-Gram with up to 41 frequency points.

Transient Evoked OAE

SmartTrOAE, a screening and diagnostic TEOAE module provides frequency-specific information including Time-Frequency analysis.

Audiometry & VRA

Complement your Duet with SmartAudiometer, a screening audiometer and IntelligentVRA, an automated visual reinforcement audiometry add-on.

Flexible enough for research needs

Advanced options for SmartOAE

  • CLAD for high-rate stimulation
  • Acoustic Change Complex (ACC)
  • CHIRP Stimulus Generation Module
  • P50
  • USB Development Kit
  • Advanced Auditory Research Module (AARM)
  • Complex ABR Research Module
  • Frequency Following Response (FFR)
  • Ipsilateral and Notched Noise Masking
  • Binaural Interaction Research Module

Advanced options for SmartOAE

  • Contralateral, ipsilateral, and binaural TEOAE suppression
  • Dual OAE probe system
  • HF DPOAE for ototoxicity monitoring