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Diagnostics made easy

AD528 is a diagnostic audiometer, meaning it can do basic audiometry (air conduction, bone conduction, speech audiometry). With its compact footprint and high level of usability, the AD528 is the perfect audiometer for any clinic, hospital, or fitting shop.

  • Starts in a few seconds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast masking on/off.
  • • 5″ display.

Outstanding ergonomics

The angle of the keyboard and the position of the tone switch and wheels secure a relaxed working position, allowing for more comfortable testing.

A new audiometer

Fast and easy diagnostics

Tone audiometry

Speech audiometry

Function keys explained

Design reports and printouts

Features a print wizard for customizable reports and printouts with direct print to a small 3" printer.

Integrate with numerous systems

You can choose a sync license for integration with Noah, local EMR systems or OtoAccess®.

Available it in your language

You can change the display language and you can also choose the keyboard text to be in another language1.